Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Meet Clover!

This is Clover, Snuggles' new sister! I adopted her this weekend from Mid-America Bully Breed Rescue in Kansas City, Missouri.

Clover was picked up with her brother/son, Romeo, as a stray in Des Moines, Iowa. She was pregnant but all her puppies were euthanized. :o( A soldier adopted this beautiful girl but when he was unexpectedly deployed to the Middle East she ended up back at the shelter. Eventually MABBR drove to Iowa and picked her (and Romeo) up for their adoption program. She went into foster care.

Snuggles and I drove up to Kansas City this weekend to meet her. Snuggles got to stay in his first hotel and everything. He was SUCH a good boy.

The first meeting with Clover couldn't have gone any better. She and Snuggles played for a solid two hours and had an absolute ball together. I knew then that she was the one. The perfect fit for our family. We brought her home with us. The entire 5 1/2-hour trip home the two babies snuggled together in the back of my car. Since then they have been total BFF's. They even went to the mall and bought matching necklaces that say "Best Friends" on them. They are so silly!

I am happy as a clam. As are my two babies.

Our first family portrait