Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Snuggles is famous!

Ch-ch-ch-check it out!

(you thought I was gonna say "Ch-Ch-Ch-CHIA!" didn't you? Ha ha, you were wrong...)

So Snuggles is starting to make me feel a bit inadequate about how much more popular and cool he is than me. Consider the following Exhibits...

First off, he is in the Spay Day Online Pet Photo Contest for the cutest pet so please go vote for him!
Here's his entry:

My person: Heather, OKLAHOMA CITY, OK, United States

Nickname: Snugglebug, Snuggies, Snugs, Buggy, Burgle-Bean

Favorite thing to do: Why, to snuggle, of course!

Most endearing bad habit: Moaning like a moo-cow when we go for car rides.

I fell in love with his goofy ears the instant I saw him on Petfinder. And he's so incredibly loving and cuddly despite having been an abuse/neglect rescue case. He's the world around which I revolve.

My Charity: Volunteers for Animal Welfare, Inc. (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States)

Click here to vote for Snuggles!

Proceeds from the voting ($5= 5 votes , $10 = 10 votes, $25 = 25 votes, and seriously, do I need to go on explaining this to you, dummy?) go 100% to the local Oklahoma organization Volunteers for Animal Welfare, Inc. They provide low-cost spay/neuter and vaccination services to needy Okies.

4 out of 5 dentists agree that Snuggles is adorable and the 5th dentist was recently fitted with cement shoes and is currently vacationing at the bottom of Lake Hefner... so, uh... I'm not trying to threaten anyone, but uh... well, yeah I am. So... go vote for Snugglebug! Or else I'll have to commence poking you with a soft cushion! MUWAHAHAHAHAHA...

Exhibit B: head over to my friend Nancy's awesome new website The Pit Bull Princess and get a load of my Snuggies on the front page REPRESENT-IN! Besides Snuggles, there are some other really cute things on the site, like the vintage advertisement-inspired pibble posters:

And lastly, I ran across some Snuggles posts on the Best Friends site of Forever Friends, the awesome rescue group I went through to adopt Snuggles from Petfinder. They even gave my blerg a shout-out:

These two feature Snugs in his yellow raincoat with little yellow duckies:

Sigh... I am SO PROUD!


obladi oblada said...

I cant believe I missed this earlier! Is it too late to vote? Im heading that way now!!

Heather Cherry said...

Shamety-shame-shame! 30 lashes with a wet noodle, I says!

Yeah, I think voting is closed... :o( Oh, well. Thanks anyway!

Hey, I'm still waiting to hear the latest from the Wiener Princess. What's she been up to?