Thursday, December 18, 2008

Best sister ever (best brother, too!)

Today is my brother and his wife's 4th anniversary.

Christy blogged a love letter about Jake and I wanted to share it because it goes to show how loving she is, how devoted he is and why I'm so incredibly lucky to have a family like this. Read the post and pay attention: this is how a strong, Christ-centered marriage looks. By the way, when she says they miss each other when one of them leaves the room... she's not exaggerating. They're really that crazy about each other. Given how incredible these two people are together... well... I just can't wait to meet the tiny version of the two of them put together.
I love you guys so much! Happy Anniversary.

Did I mention I'm going to be an aunt?


Anonymous said...

This baby is going to be the luckiest in the world because of the most awesome aunt that will be loving it forever!!!!! I love you- Ma