Monday, September 21, 2009

Do it for them.


Here is a partial list of the corporate sponsors for the Philadelphia Eagles:



Miller Lite


Dunkin Donuts

Taco Bell


Papa John's



Jonny Justice

A complete list can be found here:

I, along with many others, have decided to boycott these companies until they drop their sponsorships. I have written letters to most of them letting them know I won't be supporting them and outlining, politely, my reasoning. A quick, easy and free way to write letters is via They provide the addresses and mail the letters on your behalf... no stamps, no hassle. Feel free to follow suit. I know for me it will be a sacrifice to go without some of my favorite things, especially food, however, it is nothing compared to the sacrifice the dogs made.



obladi oblada said...

Thanks Heather! I will do it too, even though the thought of going without Taco Bell makes me shudder, what those dogs went through makes me down right ill. Im gonna link to this post in my blog too, if ya dont mind.

Eric said...

Nooooo! Not Papa John's *and* Miller! !!!!!!!!!!
What in the world will I do on Thursday nights now???

I guess Pizza Hut and Modelo will work for me.

ree said...

Count me in.

Jeff said...

I'm in.

Jeff said...
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