Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Heather Cherry Comedy Roast of...

... Wiener Dogs!

Look at you, wiener dogs. You're so short. Yet so long at the same time. How does that even work? What's the deal with those tiny legs? Did someone chop them OFF while you're weren't looking? Pay a little more attention, wiener dogs. I mean, really.

You're so little but you think you're big and brave. For crap's sake, you fight badgers! Haven't you heard? Dooooooood... those things are, just totally... mean, evil little critters!

Why would you go up against these guys, huh? Come on. You have nothing to prove, wiener dogs. So quit showing off, srsly.

And what's with this nonsense? You dress up in ridiculous Mexican outfits? Tiny hats? What did I say about showing off?

Oh, hardy-har-har. A hotdog bun bed. How ironic and adorable. NOT!*

*Except it totally, totally is.

My little buddy, Deuce. Yep, my mom totally made that bun-bed up there.

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Eric said...

Uh, can they eat hotdogs? Or is that like cannibalism?

Can people make money or is that like capitalism?


shopgirl101 said...

Just looking at a wiener dog brings a smile to my face :)

Jeff said...

I don't think they appreciate all the hotdog-themed items. Someday, maybe soon, they are going to turn on us.

obladi oblada said...

Awwww...the wiener princess making a cameo appearance beside Duece. Adorable.

Im craving corn chips now.....off to sniff little squatty paws.

obladi oblada said...

Oh thanks for the plug too!

Shawn said...

I like it when people call them "dash-hounds".

The Solipsist said...

We just wanted you to know that we needed an image of a badger for our own blog, so we used the one from yours (we did include a link, though). Fun blog you've got here.

And, y'know, if you want to sue us for copyright infringement, please be advised our net assets include this computer and a bunch of cats, so, hey, bring it on!

Heather Cherry said...

Solipsist, HAHAHAHA. I'm pretty sure I found my random images via Google Image search anyway, so you have nothing to fear but fear itself. Or if I get really poor and decide I might revisit the idear of suing you. Sleep with one eye open!