Wednesday, March 10, 2010


This video has changed my life.

Do you hear me?


My life.

P.S. I have been AWOL because I am busy house-hunting and packing stuff in anticipation of selling my house.


Milk River Madman said...

Saw this yesterday and its as funny as it gets. Looks like the Enzyte guy. Good luck on the house hunt. Its a perfect time to buy.

Nevan said...


obladi oblada said...

I havent checked out the video yet...I just wanted to say that your excuse isnt good enough! Just kidding!!!! Ill check it out...Good luck with the house hunting and packing.

Nikkie said...

wow! splendid video....just splendid.

yay for house hunting?!?! good luck!

Eric said...

I think I would sing that song exactly as he does if winning a lottery > 100 million. Less than that, you can just forget it.

Wait, so you are simultaneously selling *and* buying? Whoa...

Eric said...

HC, be sure to get some sort of goverment tax credit if you can.

Not just for first time buyers in 2010.

Melody! said...

That is a good man in that video! I can tell! And when I say tell, I mean say, and tell!

Tell Snuggles and Georgia I say Hi! You do not even have to ask them first! Just go right ahead and tell them!


Heather Cherry said...

Hi Mel! You meant Clover, right? Not Georgia? Silly girl. :)