Thursday, January 20, 2011

An Open Letter to the Remote Control

An Open Letter to the Remote Control

Dear Remote Control:

Where are you? I'm tired of your little games. I know you're not in the couch cushions; I already checked there.

Show yourself.




Sarah and Chris said...

haha mine grows legs and walks off sometimes. good luck finding it. Im glad you are blogging again, I enjoyed your post. dog jammies were WAY too cute.

The Solipsist said...

Writing a letter to one's remote control is not especially odd. Now, if the remote control writes BACK, please let us know what it says.

Heather Cherry said...

Hi, Ledge! You just reminded me to start following you.

Solipsist - you have a good point there. I will monitor the situation.

Clover said...

Um... I think I might have eated it. Yes. It is a distinct possibility that I eated it.

Melody! said...

I, quite frankly, think they are rather salty!

Just sayin'!


Heather Cherry said...

I can imagine that you prefer bon-bons, Mel.

Rebecca said...

So where was it? Or is it still MIA?

Heather Cherry said...

Ha, I can't even remember where I found it, Rebecca. :) After all that...