Thursday, January 27, 2011

[CLOVER] Yes, we are HOTT. So what?

So, fun fact... Snugs and I were out walking our Mommy this week and not one, but TWO times, we got stopped by ridiculous peeps with an even more REE-DIK-YOO-LUSS query. No, dummies, we will not have sex with your doggies! Look, I know me and my little bro are super fine, as well as highly sought-after for photo shoots, not to mention all that and a bag of dog biscuits, BUT that doesn't give you the right to proposition us in the middle of da streetses! Ew. As if. We are NOT that kind of gal/guy. You, a random stranger, calling out, "-ey! Are those boys or girls? Cuz I got a girl pit and we're lookin' to breed her. You wanna breed yours?" is not going to get you far with our Mum. She is not pimping us out! Besides, we got no special partses left anyways.




We only has eyes for each other


Snuggles said...

Wull, at least Mommy gave them an edumacation about all the pibbles dying in shelters by the millions all across the country every year.

A Dummy said...

But, but, but... my pit bull is real good-looking and it would make really cute puppies and I could make lots of money cuz mine is an extremely rare and special blue color that you never see ever. Besides, I want my childrens to see the miracle of childbirth. Also, I researched the internet and heard that if you cross a rednose with a bluenose you end up with purplenose puppies. That's tight.

Clover said...

Hey Dummy, snot worth it. Trust me. This one time, some other dummies thought I was real purty so they made me have doggie relayshuns with this other doggie. But then I got picked up and put in this place called the "shelter" and when they saw my fat belly they were all, "OMG!" and then they did something called an "emerjunsee spay" and when I waked up, my little babies weren't in me anymore. I was pretty sad for a while. I don't want any other mommies to go through that.

Anonymous said...

Where's the LIKE button for this? ;-)

Mindi (don't have a Google account)

Clover said...

Hi Mindi! I remember you from that one time. Yeah, I think we need a little paws-up button like they have on teh facebooks.