Wednesday, February 2, 2011

[CLOVER] I got crabs!


LOL, made ya look. I'm not that kind of girl! You should have already knowed that from my last post!

Okay so, my Uncle Jake is a children's worship pastor and he's always doing these super weird things to entertain the little peoples. Like this one time he had the little peoples play this gross game where they had to make two lines facing each other and then race to the middle to pick up a slimy, squishy octopus! Like, a real one! Uncle Jake is so totally weird! And awesome!

So, the other day he decided to do a illustrayshun for the little peoples with these two big ol' Dungarees Crabs. I didn't know crabs wore jeans! So anyways, he said he was gonna put the crabbies into a bucket to show how a single crab can crawl out of a bucket wiffout problems. But if there is more than one crab, they all pull each other down in an effort to be the first one out. I can identify, because I always have to beat Snuggles out the door to the back yard. And sometimes we look like the Three Stooges (or just two of them) when we get stuck in the doorway together. I think the illustrayshun with the crabs wearing jeans was about selfishness or about crabs being weird and stinky and gross or maybe crustacean fashion for 2011. Whatever. It had a point. I think.

I dare you to even TRY and catch me.

Here's a video of me checking out the crabs. I was very fascinated with how smelly they were. It made me want to roll around on them like I do when I find a worm in the grass.

Snuggles was not at all interested in the crabbies. Here's how he felt about them:

Get those things away from me.

If you ask me, he was acting a little crabby about the whole thing.


T2 - My life with pit bulls said...

Thanks for following my blog! I love the crabs-as-examples-of-what-not-to-be-like concept. I also love that your pups didn't try to eat the crabs or splat them with a giant paw (that'd be Toni), which is what would happen if we tried this demo at home.

Heather Cherry said...

Rest assured, if the crabs had been out crawling around on the floor, Clover would have gone into prey drive mode and done the pounce-paw-pounce-BAT!-pounce routine.

Love your blog! Love your dogs!

Pinky's Mom said...


Dear Heather, Clover and Snuggles,

Me an Miss Pinky and Mrs. Lady wuv your blog.


Heather Cherry said...

Snuggles, Clover, and I love your blog and Pinky's blog, too, Arnold! I'm glad that you have that little person, Ace, to play with. Little persons are fun for pibbles to play with.