Thursday, February 17, 2011

Questionable Decorating

Real people that don't live inside catalogs don't decorate like this. But wouldn't it be fun if they did???

Oh, dear. How are we ever going to camouflage this Airstream camper?

Wait! I've got it!

Perfect. Now no one will ever notice it...

Oh, honey, don't mind that huge crack in the wall. We can always hide under this gigantic pile of pillows if chunks of plaster start to fall off.

"F" stands for what. The FRICK.


Oh, I forgot. This picture comes from the pages of the newest Hoarders Room Decor catalog.

Oh my stars. It's the Enchanted Forest of the Wrinkled Duvet Covers. Praise be.

My dearest darling,

I am writing this letter to tell you how intoxicating your love is. It is much like a summer breeze gently caressing the branches of a stooped willow tree. It is not at all unlike the way that one guy loved that one chick in The Notebook. Some might say our love is akin to a rushing flood and the world is a tiny beaver dam that the flood of our love is bursting through like so many twigs. O this love, I cannot contain - oh drat. I've gone and written on my bedsheets again. I've really got to stop writing love letters while I'm on Tylenol PM.

The matching gigantic boulder nightstand, dresser, and highboy really create a sense of harmony in this space. It was a good choice to move the bed into the shade, though, so as to avoid pesky afternoon nap sunburn. Now if you'll excuse me, the sun is setting, so I shall turn on my 14 bedside lamps and read for a bit.

More questionable decorating to come...


obladi oblada said...

Heh, don't get so carried away with your 14 bed side lights that you forget about the mosquito netting.

Heather Cherry said...

I actually almost made that joke, too. Like, it's a canopy bed, yet they didn't think to hang some mosquito netting down from it???

T2 - My life with pit bulls said...

I saw that catalog as well (at least the one with the camper disguised as a...couch? footstool? blanket rack?). I would write more, but I have to move my bed out back to the boulder and set up my 14 bedside lamps. Hopefully they'll generate enough heat that I forget that we just got two inches of snow.

Heather Cherry said...

It's actually probably my favorite store in the whole wide world, but some of their staging cracks me up.