Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Top Ten Things I Collected as a Kid

I grew up in the 80's. It was a happy time to be a kid. We had great toys and the freedom to go outside and play without fear of the boogeyman. Here are some of the things I collected when I was little:

Lightning bugs

Photo credit: Jamie Harmon,

Troll dolls

Lisa Frank stickers

Clover flowers to make daisy chains

Friendship pins


Those plastic charm necklaces with the whistle, roller skate, baby bottle, abacus, etc.

Jelly bracelets

Cool rocks


(I literally collected it. I had a makeup case full of my favorite candy. But much of the time I refused to eat it. Why? Because then I wouldn’t have it any longer. To eat.)

What did you collect when you were little? What generation do you think had the best childhood?


George said...

Cool! I've still got my lightning bug collection.

Maybe I need to go check on 'em?

Eric said...

With you on rock collecting,
also old / rare coins,
comic books,
baseball / football cards,
those little robot toys with parts that you could interchange,
model rockets,
ummm, that is all I think.

obladi oblada said...

Lol on the candy collecting. I collected it too, for a short period in my mouth and then in my stomach.

I collected Smurfs
Pluto (Mickey's dog, not the ex planet)
Praying Mantis'
Wierd Friends
records (still do)

I think the 70s were a great time to grow up.

Funnyrunner said...

holy COW the memories! I'm a fellow child of the (early) 80s. I collected 45s of oldies music. weird, I know. My brother collected beer cans and baseball cards.

Heather Cherry said...

George: Hm, might be a good idea.

Eric: Ooh, I forgot coins!


Runner: That's not weird, that's cool!

JerseyGirl said...

a. this is the best thing i've seen all day (and i've seen a lot as this job is boring).

b. CHARM BRACELETS!!!?? i havent seen those in soo long. twas my prized possession.

c. love this list. made my morning less boring.

d. never attempt to catch a lightning bug in FL. They look like roaches with light-up butts.

Heather Cherry said...

Jersey: Thanks! But hey, what about lovebugs? Didya catch those suckers?

Shawn said...

I collected rocks, too, but most of them were just plain beige stones from underneath my neighbor's porch. That hobby was quickly discouraged.

JerseyGirl said...

I try not to catch insects that fly around fornicating. s'gross.



Hello... I am the photographer that shot the image of lightning bugs... only requesting credit below the image. Thanks. Jamie Harmon --

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

I have a message for the webmaster/admin here at

May I use part of the information from your blog post right above if I provide a link back to your site?


Heather Cherry said...

Whoops, sorry about that, Jamie. Found it on a random photo search and didn't know where it came from.