Thursday, October 2, 2008

Ninja Cat

Dude, this vid killed me.

WARNING: the ending is really scary.


Nicole Darr said...

I lol'ed. Or rofl'ed. But then Ninja Cat snuck up and took my soul.

Kinda like Sylar, from Heroes. Like, Season 1 Sylar, when he was all cutting up people's heads, not Season 2 or 3 Sylar when he was with Maya and all "complex".

And now what? He's walkin around with HRG? I miss my psycho killer!!

Heather Cherry said...

Doooooooood, I know, right? Although [spoiler alert], I did enjoy when cheerleader asked if he was going to eat her brain and he was all, "Claire, that's disgusting," whilst poking around and making squishy noises in her brain.

Anonymous said...

I love Ninja cat! I sent him out to a few friends. If only my cat had that stealth. He'd be able to sneak up on the pooch and get a good shot in before tearing through the house.
T P8