Thursday, September 18, 2008


Oh, man I love fall! There's that crisp smell and slight bite in the air. Just enough of a coolness to toss on a light jacket and pull out your boots again. Something about fall makes me feel alive. I've always loved it.

With that, I've composed a list of the Top Ten Things to Do in the Fall:

  1. Wear fingerless gloves and pretend you're a hobo.

  2. Jump in a pile of leaves.

  3. Do stuff that is cool.

  4. Smell the fresh air.

  5. Do neat things.

  6. Listen to the wind rustling the dead leaves in the trees. Then get all emo and stuff because the leaves have died. Go home and journal about the sad fate of the leaves.

  7. Do some really fun and neat stuff.

  8. Do things that are cool.

  9. Step on a crunchy leaf and savor the satisfying *SQWUNCH* it makes. Ponder the fragility of life.

  10. Read this article about fall, from the Onion: Fall Canceled After 3 Billion Seasons

Go out and enjoy the first official day of fall!!!


Anonymous said...

WHAT? FALL CANCELLED? NOW when am I going to do my fun, cool neat things? MAN!! Just when I had my stuff all together.....dangit!
- Ma