Thursday, March 3, 2011

Word Verification

Sorry, folks. I know typing in those stupid gibberish words are annoying as all crap, but I'm getting spammed left and right, so I've added it. Sue me!*

*Please don't sue me. I'm getting out of debt and I'm on a budget right now.

And I don't like spam!


Brooke Amanda said...

What IS Spam?! Is it meat, is it fillers, is it lips and a-holes? I don't think anyone knows for sure.

Shawn said...

Please take great notice of our specials and fine watches, both can see find copious amounts of well spurned oil.

Heather Cherry said...

BA - no kidding! Eeeeeeeew.

Shawn - Please to make your gracious acquaintance and hope this letter finds you in well health and good. I live in the Nigeria of Africa and my wife is lovely and kidnapped. Great is my thank you if you would wire please the sum $2.37 to my account is offshore. Returning to you I will the inheritence of $1 MILL US. Uh-oh, excusing me please... I have dropped my dictionary of the English into my toilet. I now write no longer can. Bye good.