Tuesday, March 17, 2009

[insert obligatory St. Patty's Day post here]

In case you didn't get it - because you are the opposite of awesome - it's Clover(field). Get it? Clover? St. Patrick's Day?

*cricket, cricket*

Sorry. I'm Scottish, not Irish. Which means... I make... lame... jokes. I guess.

P.S. Is anyone else MAD EXCITED for Star Trek?!?!123?!


obladi oblada said...

Right On Sista! See my St. Patty's post! Im scottish too! Oh, thats if you can see my post, I currently cant find my blog. Awesome.

moi said...

I LOVED Cloverfield! And I would have loved it even better with Colin Farrell!

I like your new look. But I REALLY like Rockin' Faces off Since 1979, so I'm keeping it on my blog roll. Cause I'm reactionary that way.

Lidian said...

Oh yeah, me too - I'm Scotch-Irish and Scottish, way back there. Oh, and part Welsh too. So I'll be drinking vodka or something, I guess. Want some? I've got plenty! :)

Shawn said...

I loved Cloverfield, too, and would have liked it much less with Colin Farrell.

Kind of excited about Star Trek, even though I've never watched another movie or a single episode of the show. The new one still looks good, though, even if the cast looks like a bunch of CW actors.

Heather Cherry said...

No-blogi: Aye, lassie. Hang on, I'm on it... I'm going to hire Maxwell Smart to find your blog. Or Inspector Gadget. Or Doctor Claw. Or his cat.

Apple-Biter: Suit yerself, dollface. And anything's better with Colin Farrell. Though, I prefer Desmond from LOST (I'll take a Scottish accent over Irish any day). Can you tell I'm an Abrams fan?

Liddy: Got any Peach Nehi?

Sharky: Anything Abrams does is pure gospel as far as I'm concerned and dood, it has Sylar as Spock. I mean, it's a nerd's dream come true!

obladi oblada said...

I found it! I see that you have too! Was it the cat? Did the cat bring it back?

Heather Cherry said...

Not the cat. Turns out that chick Penny's pretty good with that fancy book computer early laptop model thingie. Cool technology, that.