Thursday, March 26, 2009

Top Ten Songs I Never Want to Hear EVER Again... Please?

In no particular order:

  1. “I Would Do Anything for Love (But I Won’t Do That)” by Meat Loaf

  2. “You’re Beautiful” – James Blunt

  3. “Macarena” by Los Del Rio *

  4. “Love Story” by Taylor Swift

  5. “Theme from the Greatest American Hero (Believe it or Not)” by Joey Scarbury

  6. “Tubthumping” by Chumbawamba

  7. “Lips of an Angel” by Hinder

  8. “YMCA” – Village People *

  9. “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)” by The Proclaimers

* Note: having annoying choreography that goes with your song can, in most instances, get you an automatic submission in this category.

Yeah, it's an eclectic list, covering several decades but hey, that's me. I'm eclectic. Eclectic is my middle name. Actually, Cherry is, hence the name of my blog and all that.

I didn't put a number 10, so... what song do you think belongs on this list?


Shawn said...

Heather Eclectic, I have to strongly disagree with your choice of the Greatest American Hero theme song. That song is the shizzle. The reasons are three: 1. It's just a great song. 2. It comes from a show of which I was a huge fan. 3. It will never not remind me of George's hilarious answering machine message from Seinfeld.

The rest of them are pretty spot on. As for a number 10? Hmmm. I think I'll nominate Beyonce's Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It).

Heather Cherry said...

I will concede on the one point that George's message always cracked me up, too. "Believe it or not, I'm not home!" But I still hate the actual song.

And see... "Single Ladies" always reminds me of Justin Timberlake doing Beyonce's choreography in a leotard and high heels on SNL, so I kinda like it for that.

kmwthay said...

HC: You have made excellent choices and I too could live without ever hearing any of these again. Especially Love Story. I feel like it is being played every 5 minutes. And I get cranky when I change the station on which it is being played only to hear it on another station simultaneously.

Can you imagine listening to all of these songs back to back? Enough to make one suicidal.

I have to throw in a random song for the tenth. I get "Islands in the Stream" stuck in my head in the mornings when I am getting ready - and I have NO idea why. It gets annoying in a hurry.

pamokc said...

But I so openly love Tubthumping. And you don't hear it so often any more? Otherwise your list is absolutely spot on! I personally would add most Billy Joel songs too.

kmwthay said...

A very close second choice would be "I'm Coming Out" by Diana Ross.

LATC said...

Ughh Meatloaf "I will do anything for love" is defintely a song that I NEVER want to hear again. I would also add the "I love college" song. Apparently anyone can get a record deal these days.

Heather Cherry said...

Kym: Thanks! I'm sick of Taylor Swift altogether. And yeah, I wrote this post after getting in my car the other day and Taylor Swift was on one channel, so I flipped... Nickelback. Flipped... Lil' Wayne. Flipped... TAYLOR SWIFT A-FREAKING-GAIN! Flipped... Akon. Ugh. And yeah, I can't stand Kenny Rogers. I would, however, nominate "I Will Survive" before "I'm Coming Out."

Pam: Liking songs like "Tubthumping" is only going to give Okies a bad reputation, Pam. Shame on you. I will add to the list "River of Dreams" for your benefit, though.

Linzy: LOL, that song just came on my little XM radio here at the office and I was all, "No." It's as annoying as that "Because I Got High" song. Hey, let's totally celebrate the un-sober dumbass slugs we all were during that immature time in our lives! What a great idea!

Lidian said...

That's a great list! I also think of George's answering machine when i hear "greatest American Hero," so it makes me laugh. That's always a good thing.

Have you heard Weird Al Yankovic's "You're Pitiful" parody? It's not bad (unlike the original).

Suggestion for #10 - That Jeremiah was a bullfrog/ Joy to the World thing, I really hate that.

I could also live without hearing several Barry Manilow numbers ever again, i.e. "Mandy." Not a fan of that.

Oh, and "Alone Again, Naturally" by Gilbert O'Sullivan. Yeah, and that's because he's singing that song, that's why he's alone!

Heather Cherry said...

I love on “You’re Pitiful” how Weird Al is all, “What, was I too early?” cuz I always wondered why James Blunt did that thing at the beginning, like, I’m gonna sing the song… no wait… no, not yet… okay, now!

I’ll cover Mom’s eyes for “Joy to the World” as she loves Three Dog Night. But that's what makes this interesting to me. Finding out what different people loathe. So, just what the heck is that song about anyway? Why is he singing about a frog? And why is he helping him drink wine? And then Christmas song lyrics? It’s all very strange and cryptic. I’m gonna have to wiki that…

I would put O’Sullivan up there with Barry Manilow and his ilk. I hate that kind of music. I almost put “Mandy” on the list. I think he did really good when he wrote the All-State jingle, though. Some people should stick to jingles. And hey, Mr. Manilow? Announcement: the songs that you write do NOT make ME sing. kthxbai.

obladi oblada said...

Great list HC! I have to disagree with the Proclaimers...I love all things Scotland and so I love them. Oh you probably should mute my playlist on my blog, if you dont already that is, because it is there...about halfway down. #10 for me would be that stupid Sarah MCwhatsherface animal-sbuse-commercial about "the arms of the angels". I could live completely happy never hearing that one again. In fact, Id rather shove hot coals into my ears.

Heather Cherry said...

Ha ha, I never noticed that on your site! I'm Scottish so I adore Scotland, too, but... does that mean I have to like hagus, too? I love America but I don't eat apple pie and I don't like baseball. I love Chinese food but I hate Chinese people. Totally kidding! I think I was going somewhere with that point...

I used to love the song "Angel" but yeah, now all it does is make me think about sad furbabies in shelters everywhere and how I can't save them all.

Heather's Mom said...

MY choice for #10 is ANY and EVERY song by the following NON-SINGERS: the overrated-has-only-a four-note-range Cher,the I-frankly-don't-understand-the-draw Babs Streisand, the just-a-big-ol'- nuthin' Beyonce and that-grating-on-your-nerves-forever-bleating-sheep-also known as Stevie Nicks. Please, put them out of my misery....where ARE my ear plugs????

Heather Cherry said...

My mom is so awesome. I second everything she just said. In fact I've been thinking about a post re: overrated artists that I hate and all of these are on there. Well, not Beyonce. I don't completely hate her but I do think she's way overrated.

I should mention, however, that my Mom does like Taylor Swift and Kenny Chesney so that does call her credibility into question a bit...

Sorry Ma! ;p

moi said...

I got stopped in my tracks by "You're Beautiful" because I hate that song with a passion so white hot it could go nuclear any second now. As a result, I have lost all capacity for rational thought.

Wait a minute.

I know.

"Stairway to Heaven"

And anything by My Chemical Romance.

Heather Cherry said...

^5, Moy! And I do apologize for any brain damage caused by this post.

You know, I used to be obsessed with classic rock when I was in high school and college and all of the time I was listening to stuff like Zeppelin, Hendrix, Lynard Skynard, the Beatles, the Eagles, et al. Maybe I overplayed it because these days I can barely stand to listen most of that stuff.

And when that song "Helena" first came out I thought I might end up liking My Chemical Romance. But then I remembered... I'm not 14. Nor am I an obsequious MTV veejay.

obladi oblada said...

HC: Touche on the point about haggis; I dont touch the stuff. So, ok...point well taken. I must say, although I am not 14 either, I was smitten by "Helen" and so, I really like MCR.

HC's Mom: I have an "anti-Babs" outlook for most of my adult life, so I completely agree. She reminds me of a Siamese Cat.

obladi oblada said...

I meant to write "helena". my bad.

Heather Cherry said...

Heh. Well, I meant to write "haggis."

P.S. Mom loves reading the Princess' blog and truly identified with the "extraction" post, lol.

Heather's Mom said...

We are kindred spirits. Siamese Cat, ahahaha! I do not understand why people are so enamored with her "music" The nasal whine that comes out is nothing short of wretched, and yet people bow at her feet. Uh-Oh. Oh Lord...I think I just threw up a little bit.

On a sweeter note, love your little Carmen! Having a pup that is two dogs ong and half a dog high is just so special. They put a smile on anyone's face. Sometimes Deuce will try to bark and it comes out as a big, fat "Bah-roooo", and he hops on his front feet. That little dog is a joy, just like Her Highness is for you. BTW- we call Deuce "His Hiney-ness" because his little behind is constantly in motion- wagging or sticking out of the bushes.... :)

Nevan said...

Eiffel 65's "Blue"

Perhaps I know that songs because I was in 8th grade when it came out and Jr. High students naturally have bad taste in music. But I HATE the song.

I almost completely agree with the list, but I do like Meatloaf. There is just something about reheated Meatloaf that I makes me have warm fuzzies on the inside.

Heather Cherry said...

Nev, you hit it on the nose. If you're talking about that hideous song that goes something like, "I'm blue-ba-da-bee-da-ba-blah-blah-blah" then I at once congratulate you on a great submission for this list and curse you for getting it stuck in my head.

CHEF TROLL said...

Dang, somebody took "Stairway to Heaven". Is "Free Bird" taken? I like Skynyrd and Zep but ENOUGH is ENOUGH and the cover versions are ALL shit!

Also, ANYTHING by Mariah Carey and anyone who at all resembles Mariah Carey in style.

Heather's Mom said...

Chef Troll- you are SO right!!!! I got a pair of Big Ol' Nuthin' Mariah/ Beyonce Bookends for right here. Get 'em cheap! They have a gold patina look to their surface, and they come packaged pretty fancy. But really they're just pretty much nothin' but something that has weight and takes up space. Uh, no- wait a minute, that's the definition of MATTER...aaaaaaaand they don't.

Heather Cherry said...

I still love "Free Bird," much as it's played out. That slow groove and guitar slide get me every time. I actually got to see Skynyrd perform when I was in college. Of course, it wasn't the original members but it was still neato. And when they started playing "Free Bird" and everyone pulled out their lighters it was like living inside a cliché. So cool.

Nevan said...

Well, things have moved full circle. . .Your list cause me to think of it thereby causing me to have to think about that horrible horrible song.

Heather Cherry said...

Hey man. Don't you try and put this back on me!

52 Faces said...

Damn, half my favorite songs are on here.

Think the lyrics are bad? Try living them!

Heather Cherry said...

It's okay. You're allowed to like them.

I guess.


P.S. Love your avatar!

Bill said...

Sorry I'm coming in late on this, but I would have to add Seasons in the Sun by Terry Jacks.

I've never been sure whether it is about a guy getting ready to stick his head in a gas oven, or dying of an icky disease. Whatever the cause, you just want him to hurry up and do it.

Heather Cherry said...

Oh yeah, totally. And dontcha think it's an awfully upbeat and chipper-sounding song for the subject matter? Whatever the subject is, as you so astutely pointed out.

Your blog about your mom's diary looks intriguing. I will have to check that out!