Monday, May 4, 2009

Check out the new blog!

I have a new blog along with some of my funniest and favoritest blogger friends. Julia D. from Homemade Hilarity (credit is due her for coming up with the idea), Shawn from The Shark Tank, Brooke from Brooke Amanda, and I (from HERE!) have decided to post all of our Open Letters to a new joint blog, The Open Letters Blog. So go check it out! Don't delay! This offer won't last long! Operators are standing by!

But wait! If you act now you will also get a free tube of Mighty Mend-It and a lifetime supply of Sham-Wows!

My newest Open Letter, "An Open Letter to Rod Stewart" is there.

Don't miss out on the funny from some seriously funny people.


Shawn said...

Eh. Not interested.

Allen Skipper said...

Lol...Very good!

Hairball said...

Good luck with your new blog!!

Heather Cherry said...

Shawn: You're a dork.

Allen: Thanks!

Hairball: Thanks!

brookeamanda said...

Not gonna lie, I'm pretty stoked about the lifetime supply of ShamWows! Do you need my mailing address?