Saturday, May 16, 2009

What I'm NOT Buying this Weekend: Home Edition

That's right! It's the What I'm NOT Buying this Weekend: Home Edition! And without all that annoying Ty Pennington screaming into a bullhorn ridiculousness.

I found some amazing things to NOT buy for my house this weekend. Hope you enjoy NOT buying them, too. You may even want to NOT copy me by NOT buying them either. But come on. Be original, people.

First up is this lamp. It makes my heart hurt because it's so beautiful. I want to propose to it and carry it over the threshhold and make it chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast.

Fruiteria Lamp


Okay, I'll admit this couch is a little loud but hey, so am I.

Amelie Sofa

$3,898 originally

On sale for $1,950
Plus $250 shipping

Corrigan Chair - $1,998 plus $150 shipping

Seed Packet Pillow - $198

Eat, Drink and Be Merry Chandelier - $4,800
(I could totally make that chandelier out of antique silver! And I should!)

Milo Sofa - $ 2,998 plus $300 shipping

Isola Bella Pillow - $58

Coral Courtyard Curtain - $108 each, $216 for two panels

Colossal Bloom Rug - Originally $998, on sale for $500 plus $30 shipping

Tufted Ditte Sofa - $4,998 plus $300 shipping

Wide World Pillow - $118

Annais Curtain - $198 each, $396 for two panels

Whorled Trapunto Rug
Plus $30 shipping

Turn-of-the-Century Rug


Plus $30 shipping

Now, I normally don’t go around shopping for birdhouses but I happened across this one and it’s so dang adorable I just had to put it on here, too. I can just picture it hanging from a tree. I would want to live in a giant green acorn if I were a birdie. I have a feeling that Sparkle will like this one, too.

Acorn-Sweet-Acorn Birdhouse


All items this week from Anthropologie. Because I have an addiction. And admitting it is the first step.


Dave said...

What do you have against flowers?

moi said...

It's all divine, simply divine. Especially that Corrigan chair, which was custom made to a tee for my sensibilities. Phew. I'm exhausted from all this NOT buying. Better go pop a Fresca and fuggedaboutit.

Margo said...

Divine. I don't even look at the home goods at Anthropologie. I know it is asking for trouble. But, now that I am not in the market, I'll have to check it out. I especially like the tufted ditte sofa scenario. (PS - remember to add my link or badge next time :) Hope vaca is going great!

princessparkle said...

Gosh I want to live with all of that stuff in my house... too bad it's not my house... *ps runs to mom and begs to re-do house*

viridian said...

Gosh, do you have room for two sofas (divans?) and a chair and .... All great.

Pricilla said...

all of this not buying is making me dizzy

Eric said...

Wow, check out the impeccable furnishing tastes of Heather...
A lady friend in England loves the Anthropologie stuff, so stylish.
I like it all except the lamp at top, sorry. It reminds me of a 'Southern Comfort' bottle and tangentially an experience that wasn't remotely 'comforting'.

Tom said...

that Amelie Sofa...does wallpaper come in that pattern? The whole world should be as gaudy!

obladi oblada said...

Anthropologie is way cool. I like the collosal blossom rug, it reminds me a little bit of a human brain...can you tell I just did some homework on the brain? it would go great with a Sigmund Frued bust Im planning to get one day. Kidding (I think)

Heather Cherry said...

Dave: They're just so darn beautiful. They make me look bad.

Moi: Thanks! Prolly a good idear.

Margo: Oops, yeah sorry!

Sparkle: Sigh... I know.

Viridian: Not really. :)

Pris: You sure it's not Kevin hopping on you that's making you dizzy?

Eric: LOL, that's funny!

Tom: I hafta agree with you on that!

O/O: Heh...

pamokc said...

That green chair ... that green chair .... I know not of this brand but must go investigate. DIVINE chair. Must have.

Funnyrunner said...

omg I am SO offended. I own ALL of those items.