Friday, May 29, 2009

An Open Letter to the Dudes in the House

An Open Letter to the Dudes in the House

Dear Fellas:

What is the deal with the hitting on me when I'm at my worst thing? I can be a sweaty, dirty, unwashed mess in a sloppy t-shirt and baggy yoga pants and you pick this time to flirt with me? I run to the Home Depot in the middle of a home improvement project or I schlep into PetSmart covered in dog fur to get Snuggles' nails ground down and apparently my ungroomed appearance translates to "Please check me out." I just don't get it. Why not when I'm all dolled up in a dress and red lipstick and all that crap? I have polled some male friends to figure out this phenomenon and I still don't understand. Don't get me wrong. It's flattering and all but it's just that..., seriously what the crap?

Please. Enlighten me.



cc: All mah grrrrrrrrls in the house... does this happen to you, too???


Lidian said...

That IS dolled up for Home Depot, at least around here! lol

Eric said...

Well I just assumed you were always dolled up in a dress and red lipstick and crap when digging in a garden, working out, or cleaning rain gutters. I'm sorely disappointed and disillusioned now missy.

ps - maybe you seem more approachable to guys North of the Red River that way?

Amanda said...

I hear you! Every time I'm scuzzy, my husband is frisky. Couldn't you guys wait until I shave my legs and take a shower or something? Men do seem proud of their stinks, maybe stink secretly attracts men or something.

K9 said...

it might have something to do with sweat. your pheromones. i dont know cause i dont get hit on much anymore.

Dave said...

Don't know Heather. I got the monitor all fogged up just reading about what you wore.

obladi oblada said...

Yeah, I dunno. They just seem to be the hardest hitting when we dont exactly look our best, I used to notice that too. Now I just ignore all people whereever I go. Its better that way.

pamokc said...

Girl, the answer is right in your face. Guys don't need pretenses, they are basic and straight forward and don't like to have to think about the best way to approach a girl. Someone that looks like **them** is easily approachable, plus you are in man-heaven (Home Depot), so that makes you all the more alluring.

Doll yourself up in the glad rags and then they have to figure out what angle to take with you, or they like to look but might think you are out of their league.

Your challenge, should you decide to accept it: How do you mix the two looks and use your own style to your advantage?

moi said...

Liz Phair: "Help Me Mary" Give it a listen. Pretty funny.

Heather Cherry said...


I still don't totally get it but glad to know that I'm not the only one and that there may be some explanations for this crazy (to me) phenomenon.

Thanks fer yer input!

Professor Chaos said...

Judging by your profile picture, I would think you would get hit on no matter what!