Saturday, April 4, 2009

Easter Bunnehs

Since Easter's in a week, here are some lolbunnehs that I made on In honor of our Lord and Savior, of course. Hope you like dems.

And here be some of my favorites, made by other peeps*.
(*not the marshmallow kind)

And check out Disapproving Rabbits sometime, too.

So disapprove-y.


Hairball said...


Cute bunnies!!

*passes out from cute overload*

Heather Cherry said...

I know! It's far too much cuteness really. I hope I don't get censored.

kmwthay said...

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! (I can not put in enough "w's" for how long I really said awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!)

This is my fave post of the day.
I heart lil runny babbits. I really like the "wheres the ressa mah ears?"

CHEF TROLL said...

Funny stuff. I didn't know you could make your own.

Heather Cherry said...

Kym: Awwwwwwwwwww... thanks! Baby bunnehs have the cutest lil' ears, don't they?

Chef: YES! Go try it! It's fun. And kinda habit forming. You could make Secretariat ones!

Shawn said...

Bunnies are pretty cute...until they get to a certain size. Then they become horrifying.

Wendy said...

frolik... i wantz it. :)

Melody sez said...

I have never in all of my live-long days seen so many funny bunnies! Those bunnies sure are funny!
They have such bold earmeat too...just sitting there! It would probably be pretty easy to smell that earmeat! Those funny bunnies just hop around and stuff as they tempt us all with that earmeat!

brookeamanda said...

I LOVE the bunny pics! My first pet ever was a pet bunny and I've been thinking about getting one again!

Heather Cherry said...

Shawn: Yeah. Horrifyingly adorable!

Wendy: Kthxbai!

Mel: Hay, is that why you greyhounds are always chasing dem bunnies around the track? Cuz you want to smell their earmeats?

Brooke: I had a bunny when I was little, too. His name was... wait for it... Thumper. Yes, I know. Creative. I did also have a goldfish named Wyatt Earp, which is cool.

obladi oblada said...

Earmeat? yummy. So, HC you are on of the contributors to loldogs, eh? I should have known!! Ive never made one...but I do like to read them. Oh by the way, putting all that cuteness on your blog without a warning? Not know my condition. It wasnt a doxie, but it made me start obsessing about short paws and long ears....not nice.

obladi oblada said...

oh yeah, and then to follow it up with snuggles pics....evil.

Heather Cherry said...

Apologies again, my friend. I certainly don't want to be the cause of anyone's relapse. :p

Yeah, I've done a lot of "lols" on those 2 sites. Even got one up on the voting page once! I'll post all of mine sometime soon so you can see them.