Saturday, April 25, 2009

What If They Were Dinosaurs?

FAIR WARNING: This post is probably gonna be really dumb. No, DEFINITELY dumb. You've been warned.

At times, I like to get all introspective and stuff. I start thinking about the important things in life and the great questions of our time. The other day was one such day. It was a lazy afternoon. Locusts were buzzing their spring songs. There was a light breeze, which carried upon it the scent of early honeysuckle blooms. The promise of summer whispered sweet nothings and I started to daydream. Naturally, as you can imagine, I began to think about what certain people would look like had they been dinosaurs.

For example...

Charlotte Bronte


Peggy Bundy


Carrot Top


Lex Luthor

Tyrannicalsaurus Lex

Tom Petty


Captain Kirk



Is it just me or does Carrot Top resemble Fergie-Ferg a little too much?

Finkle and Einhorn - Einhorn and Finkle - Finkle and Einhorn - Einhorn and Finkle...

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JerseyGirl said...

ooooh. wait til shawn sees the pegosaurus. lol.


Shawn said...

A dinosaur theme...great minds think alike.

I'm not going to even dignify the above comment.

Lidian said...

One smiley coming up! And really, you deserve a whole bunch of them for this. My fave is the Brontesaurus, and the thought of Charlotte Brinte going "nom nom nom" has made my day! Love it! :)


Jeff Tompkins said...

Tricarrottops is actually easier to look at than the real Carrot Top.

Side note: I saw him perform live back in '93, when his act was fresh and funny and he didn't look like a living caricature.

Marissa said...

That's actually a good look for Tom Petty!

moi said...

The Brontesaurus – priceless. Definitely priceless.

Winky Twinky said...

I one of the funniest I've seen... HumorBloggers?? I'll have to check that out more.... Anyway....I submit...instead of Nessie...It's Jessie...and the Lost Nick Monster.... hehe....

Heather Cherry said...

Amanda: LOL! He knows it's true.

Shawn: You know it's true. Also, yeah, I noticed - it must be National Blog About Dinosaurs Day today.

Liddy: *blush* Thank you sooooo much! P.S. Bronte was my favorite, too. :o)

Jeff: Gonna hafta agree with you there.

Marissa: Again, gonna hafta agree.

Moy: Thanks, homie!

W/T: Man oh man! *blushing again!*

obladi oblada said...

I like the Tom Petty one. I find William Shatner offensive though...his priceline commercials make me want to slice open my, I recoiled a bit when I saw him...The resemblence between Fergie and Carrot top was uncanny, funny stuff!

brookeamanda said...

I LOVE all your dinasours!! Carrot Top is my fave and I do think he and Fergie may be related.

Heather Cherry said...

O/O: I know, sorry about the Shatner. I knew I walked a fine line with that one. ;)

Brooke: Thanks, babe!

Anonymous said...

it could be that Ferggie just has a really bad case of Hemorroids!!


Hairball said...

Carrot Top's eyebrows really scare me!

Heather Cherry said...

Jake: Glad you came out of hiding to comment finally. I need to ass you a question, though. Do you have mint? Maybe some Binaca?

Hairball: I know! They're really creepy! Sometimes Fergie's eyebrows look that scary, too!

Wendy said...

I know I'm seeing this late, but I LOVE IT. I think my favorite is the velocishatner. Awesome.

Carrot Top scares the crap out of me.