Friday, April 24, 2009

What I DID Buy This Week: Vintage Clothing Spectacular

started the "What I'm NOT Buying this Weekend" meme with the caveat that if you do express your God-given right to shop with actual money, to still post your purchases (with gusto!) so that others can live vicariously through you. Well, it was really, really hard but I took one for the team this week. I did it for you, people.

You're welcome.

Firstly, my family is going to the beach next month so I went bathing suit shopping and just lookit the cutie-pie bikini I found! It's distinctly Gidget-y on and quite fetching in person.

Yea! Glad that's over and done with.

Top: $48.00
Bottoms: $52.00
Not on sale... boo...

Then, I got a major itch to go thrift store shopping this week so I got some cream for that and then I went to my favorite place for retro threads, Bohemian Spirit Vintage. It's where I bought the amazing 1930's dress I'm wearing in my profile photo. I was looking for a black cocktail dress for a wedding I'm going to be in and not only did I find a great one but several other diamonds in the rough, too! I will post pictures of the black dress when it's finished being altered. Until then, here are the other gems I found!

Red Rose Dress

This dress is A. Mazing.
I'm going to shorten the sleeves, though, and give them a cuff.

And would you just look at the ridiculously gorgeous fan detailing on the placket!

40% off

Blue Jersey Shirtwaist Dress

Think i might cuff the sleeves on this one, too.

40% off

Silk Periwinkle Dress

It doesn't look like much yet because it's way too big and I'm going to have it tailored all 'round. Indeed, it's the only dress I was able to fit on my large dress form mannequin.

75% off

Graphic Stripe Dress

Yeah, yeah, I know how hideous this dress is right now...

But look how chic and modern it will look once I rip the sleeves off!
I know... I'm a genius.

50% off


Look how fantastic the embroidery is.

25% off

Sigh... it was a good week.


obladi oblada said...

I loooove it!!! Where did you find this stuff...I adore vintage clothing, but cant find any good sources near the way, I have a retro foto Im going to post soon, with a one peice swimsuit that is similar to that one, its blue and my mom is wearing have good taste HC. So, you SEW too? Who ARE you?

obladi oblada said...

..ok so forget I asked you where you found the stuff, its in the post, duh!!

Julia D said...

wow... you made out like a 12-fingered bandit!


moi said...

What I like best about wearing dresses is, it doesn't matter if you gain or lose a few pounds, they'll usually fit anyway. Unlike pants. Stoopid pants.

Your purchases are all brilliant. And, your post just gave me an idea for a clothing/accessory a swap site . . . we should tawk.

Anyway, enough rambling. I'm up at my place.

Heather Cherry said...

O/O: Technically I'm learning to sew from my momma. I inherited my granny's machine so I wanna do stuff my own self. Can't wait to see your suit!

J/D: I like making out. It's fun.

Moy: All so true! Thanks. And yeah, let's tawk - great idear! Heading over to your place...

Margo said...

I am truly stunned by the gorgeousness of your purchases. You sew too? You can alter those dresses yourself? Consider me shocked and awed. Thanks for taking one for the team - it looks like you got some great bargains :)

Margo said...

and I'm with moi on the stoopid pants

Heather Cherry said...

I'm truly disappointed by the plainness of my purchases as displayed by these pictures. They do my dresses NO justice. Wish you could see them in person. I will also take pics in them when they are finished with alterations. And I'm actually just learning to sew.

princessparkle said...

SOooo... cute! I wonder why there is never much teenage vitage-ey stuff... did kids not used to wear clothes?

I love it! I want it! Great non-purchases!