Friday, April 17, 2009

What I'm NOT Buying This Weekend

Margo, over at Life in the Short Lane, came up with a great idea for those of us for whom shopping is a dangerous and tantalizing drug. It's a way to save money while sort of living vicariously through your computer. At first I thought it might be kinda fun but I didn't imagine it would placate my cravings the way it has and become total retail therapy. It really is fun! Try it! OMG just do it. Totally, like. And stuff.

So here goes for my first installment...

(Click to make the pictures bigger. Thanks to Shawn, I think I've finally figured out how to format them that way.)

Outfit No. 1

Outfit No. 2

There... I feel better now.

(A little.)


Winky Twinky said... are sooo cool!!!!

obladi oblada said...

Very nice. I was expecting a whole bunch of stuff. You show amazing restraint.

Margo said...

Bravo, Heather. Those green peep toe sling backs with that dress are just perfect! You look marvelous. Be sure and go sign mr. link do-ma-hickey over at my site... you'll be my first shopping friend so far. Thanks so much for playing!

Cookie Brochette said...

Oooo, I *love* the things you're not buying this weekend. They're lovely!

You are cordially invited to a tea party at ...Lightbulb Cuisine. Real food from an Easy Bake Oven.

Melody sez said...

Heather!I would like to see more pink stuff there! I do like that stuff though! It is fabulous!
I am not going to buy that Hello Kitty Wedding Dress! That is what I am not going to buy Heather!

Shawn said...

See I iz gud tek support, ur welcom.

Margo said...

I added you to the Mr. Linky... I wanted the world (or probably two people :) to see I have at least one not shopping friend!

Heather Cherry said...

W/T: Thanks! I try!

O/O: I wanted to do a few more but ran out of time. I'll probably post more next time.

Margo: Thanks, this was so fun! The green shoes were a lust issue for me... :o) And thanks for signing me up on the linky thing. I've been in Tulsa all day.

Cookie B.: Thank you muchly!

Mel: OMG, a Hello Kitty wedding dress?! No way!

Shawn: Ur teh besst.

moi said...

You gotta thing for The Anthropologie, don't you? I can see that. And those green shoes? Hubba.

I love this. I will participate next weekend. Because my name is Moi and I'm an addict.

Pricilla said...

I think if that dress were just a little longer I wouldn't be buying it too.
Lovely choices..

Heather Cherry said...

Moy: "Hi, Moi..."

Pricilla: I noticed you're a fan of fainting goats, too! I wish you were a fainting goat. No offense cuz you're awesome the way you are. But man oh man, if I could say that I had an actual fainting goat visit my blog. Well, I just don't know if I could handle it...