Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Appreciating teh Simple Things in Life

I like to stop and smells dah cloverz sumtyms.

Life is sooooooooo byootiful. Speshully when I get to run around all nekkid-like in dah back yard after my baff. Baffs are not byootiful, however.

[Other contributer note: Dang it! Why didn't this show up as a Snuggles post? He posted it, not me! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr... annoying!]


Eric said...

Ohhh... it was Snuggles, I was worried you might have had a mild ischemic attack :(

You drive a Smart Car, right? What are your thoughts on this?

Carmen said...

Hi snuggs! Doant yew hait it wen the peeples woant poot tthe caamra doan too plai weth yew?

Shawn said...

Hey Snuggles, you should get your mom to show you how to size videos correctly. She knows how because I taught her several weeks ago. :)

Funnyrunner said...

awwwww... Sophie wants to come play with Snuggles! I have some hysterical video of her chasing the water arching out of the hose.

Margo said...

Snuggles, you are so cute you should really have your own tv show.

Jeff said...

I thought the same thing that Eric did, and was a little intrigued b/c that would have meant Snuggles would be operating the video camera.

Dave said...

Cute doggie. Spelling skills are a little shaky, though.

Heather Cherry said...

Eric: That's hilarious! I actually traded in the Smartie for something else, though, last weekend. Will be posting on it Saturday... stay tuned!

Carmen: Snugs is too busy rolling his eyes at me to write back at this momment. I'm trying to take pictures of him in his muscle shirt and he thinks I'm a moron.

Shawn: I tried but it din't work... :`(

Runner: Snuggles wants to start a "bad rep" club with Sophie... you think she'd be interested? P.S. I wanna see that vid!

Margo: Check out his YouTube channel. It's the closest thing!

Jeff: Well, he IS very talented, dewclaws in lieu of opposable thumbs notwithstanding.

Dave: He's getting his GED at the moment. Don't ruin his momentum, k?