Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Top Ten Signs You Are Addicted to Blogging

Top Ten Signs You Are Addicted to Blogging

  1. You barely know any of your "friends'" real names because they are all using semi-anonymous blogger usernames. And referring to them in conversation can be a pain in the back, "I was commenting back and forth with 'Chick-a-Chick-a-Boom-Boom-Tally-Ho-and-So-on-and-So-Forth' the other day and she said the funniest thing!"

  2. When something funny, strange, unbelievable or emotional happens, the first thing to come to mind is, "OMG I hafta blog about this!"

  3. You do the happy dance everytime you log onto Blogger to find that you have a new Follower.

  4. Your blog page takes a minimum of 14 minutes to load due to all of the crazy widgets you've added to your ever-growing sidebar.

  5. You "drunk dial" yourself in the middle of the night while on Lunesta because you have suddenly come up with some great blog topics and don't want to bother with getting up to write them down. So you call your own voicemail only to wake up the next morning and find bizarre and cryptic messages like, "Captain's Log: Robots have taken over the refrigerator. Remember to grab the cheese before the mice join the crusade. Also, top ten list for silliest super glue uses."

  6. You spend a minimum of 13.75 hours photoshopping stupid humorous photos for a specific post.

  7. Anything anyone mentions in conversation can inevitably lead to your mentioning of the blog. "Strange weather we've been having lately, no?" "I know, right? I was just discussing that on my blog the other day."

  8. You actually dream all night about reading and commenting on other bloggers' posts.

  9. You have 27 different blogs just because you enjoy designing new layouts and graphics and you CAN'T STOP.

  10. [your answer here... how do you know you're addicted to blogging?]


Eric said...

... have an annoying habit of always being one of the first three people to make a comment on a new blog post.

lol @robot refrigerator situation.

Jeff said...

You blog at AA meetings.

moi said...

Ah, yes, those early, halcyon days of blogging. When every conversation, moment, and movement was fodder for a potential post. And then, one day you wake up and . . . desperate for a topic, any topic . . . you write a post about your toe nail polish.

Shawn said...

Yeah, some of these really hit home. Particularly the first one and the one about Photoshopping. My sign would be the constant refreshing of Statcounter to see how many visits you've gotten.

Wendy said...

I'm scared because I've done 6 or 7 of those. I need some time outdoors.

You can add, "You blog via the phone from the emergency room." That would give me 8. :)

Funnyrunner said...

chah, totally. I am so happy when I have a new Follower it's ridiculous! (and comments, too). I find that I think mostly about my blog topics early in the morning in that half-awake time... and yes - my whole family is always like: "oh no. You're gonna blog about that, aren't you..." Love Jeff's comment. Maybe we need Bloggers Anonymous. Can you imagine the introductions? "Hi... I'm literally laughing out loud, and I'm a ... blogger." everyone else: "hi, literally laughing out loud.."

obladi oblada said...

LOL-so sad, but yet, so true.

Im guilty of just about ALL of those. Hmmm, mine would be sending threatening messages to my friends and family who read but do not follow or comment.

"If you really loved me you would follow me and make comments. If you dont, Im not coming over tomorrow. You can just forget about that."

Dave said...

You hit home on this one.

Lidian said...

So true, all of them. And checking SiteMeter every ten minutes! (Not, ahem, that I have ever done that...)

And trying to explain to all the non-bloggers who surround you why it takes up SO much of your time! And knowing that they don't get it at all.

And for me, rooting through magazines that no one else cares about and then laughing hysterically and saying "ZOMG! I have to write a post about THIS!"

Heather Cherry said...

Eric: Ah, you're one of THOSE, eh? :o)

Jeff: "Hi, Jeff."

Moi: LOL! I read that one, too!

Shawn: I really need to figure out how to get my Statcounter thing to work for me. :o(

Wendy: Nuh-uh... for real?

Runner: I think my whole family's sick of hearing about my blog, too.

O/O: I know, right? I pull the same routine on my buddies. Like, "Just so you know, there are people all over the country that read my blog but my closest friends here in OKC can't even give it a peek?"

Dave: Yea!

Liddy: It pays off for you cuz you find such great gems hidden in those old mags.

Hairball said...

I recently went to a work related party for Mr.Hairball. A group of us were chatting and the subject of hometowns came up. My first thought was not to tell the group where I was originally from because they might possibly use that information to track me down!
*face palm*

The Office Scribe said...

I don't drunk dial myself but I have started carrying a micro-cassette recorder on my two hour long drives from my mother. I tell people it's for notes for my novel. Oh, it's not.

TROLL Y2K said...

Gosh, the only one I'm guilty of is #7 but even then it's not EVERY topic of conversation.

10) You read "blogging addiction" posts in order to convince yourself you're not addicted.

Heather Cherry said...

Harbls: That's hilarious and I know what you mean. I sometimes am on the verge of mentioning my blog to someone at work and then I realize I really don't want people I work with reading this.

Scribe: That's hilarious.

Troll: Well done, friend. You are coping well.

shopgirl101 said...

These are so true!