Thursday, June 18, 2009

Can You Spot the Pit Bull?

Think you know what a pit bull looks like?

Why not test yourself…

(And be careful to avoid hovering over the pictures to see the file names - otherwise, what's the point in taking the quiz? See if you can really do it. The results may really surprise you.)


Can You Spot the Pit Bull?






































So... how did you do? Do you really know what a pit bull looks like? Do you think you passed the test? Stay tuned for my next post where the answers will be revealed...

(Editor's note: or you can go here for the answers.)

In the meantime, leave your guesses in the comments section. I'm really curious to see what the consensus is. Try not to look at what anyone else says so that it's only your opinion that's being given. Feel free to guess what breed the other dogs are on this list, too. It's kinda fun to try and pick them out if you know your dogs well. FYI, only a couple of people have EVER passed this test. See if you can do it and be one of the very few.


Eric said...

D'oh, I thought the Rhodesian was it for sure. Hmm, no super-easy eliminations like a Dachsund or Newfoundland. Terrible at this...

Heather Cherry said...

It was the scary running-at-you-to-rip-yer-throat-into-shreds pose, wasn't it? Throws ya off everytime.

Hey look! You were FIRST commenter this time. Well done. Hip, hip, cheerio, and all that.

Funnyrunner said...

I'm going with #7, although they're all cute. Who pissed off #41, I wonder? He's like: "and STAY OUT!!!"

Heather Cherry said...

Runner: I know! And he looks like a gladiator in that get-up.

Eric said...

No, not scary unless you're a rabbit, just happy and running, and this one reminds me of one I knew.

I was first, yessssss!!!

Jess said...

Is there only one? I have a pit bull, so I'm trying to find the one that looks most like my dog. #4?

Jess said...

No, #30. I'll go with #30.

Shaun said...

None of them are pit bulls
my guesses are
1 Cane Corso
2 American Bull Molosser
3 Alpaha blue blood Bull dog
4 Argentino dogo
5 boxer
6 bull terrior
7 American bulldog
8 Mastiff
9 great dane
10 american bully
11 nope
12 Boxer
13 american mastiff
14 presa canario
15 some french thing
16 nope
17 American bulldog
18 japenese toso
19 black mouth cur
20 neapolitan mastiff
21 bull dog
22 nope
23 thai ridgeback
24 alano
25 bull mastiff
26 bull terrior
27 patterdale
28 rhodesian ridgeback
29 Ca de bou
30 American bulldog
31-39 Casper Canine
40 english bulldog
41 canine panther
42 bull dog
43 american bully
44 bulldog
45 nope
46 Cane Corso

Heather Cherry said...

All: Thanks for the guesses.

Shaun: Wow, nice effort! And thanks for bringing my numbering error to my attention. I fixed it.

pamokc said...

7 and 17?

obladi oblada said...

Im late at getting to this. I think this was a brilliant idea, because though I do consider my self extremely good at naming breeds, the pit bull is one that is easy for me to misread. A lot of the time I confuse them, with Staffies.

Heather Cherry said...

So which do you think it is?

moi said...

I'll have to agree with Shaun and say that none of these dogs are "classically" pit bull. To get a properly conformed APBT these days (and not a back yarder bred with God only knows what), you need to go to a reputable breeder (of which there are about, oh, 2.5 in this country), wait a year or two (they're not cranking out litters for da masses, don't cha know), submit to a long qualification process, and pay a pretty penny. And then hang on as your life's fun factor suddenly becomes tuned to eleven :o).

HOWEVER, the two dawgs that match closest are #7 and #17. You can tell by the feet and the front - not overblown like the poor American Bullies, bless their low riding hearts.

And I LOVE how the Patterdales always get thrown into these tests. Talk about a "terrorist" with fur.

Heather Cherry said...

Good guesses! LOL at the Patties being "terrorists with fur"!

foxy said...

okay - here i am... sorry for the delay!

7 looks like one to me... maybe 12?

TROLL Y2K said...


Heather Cherry said...

Foxy: Good guesses!

Troll: Very cute. So, which one?

Whitney G said...

I've never been good at identifying pits. I was utterly convinced that the brindle American Bulldog was it. Alas.

I love bully breeds. Growing up, we always had boxers. People unfamiliar with the breed always thought they were pits and were scared to go near them. Which is hilarious, given that your biggest danger from a boxer is being licked to death.

For me, the "scariest" dog in your list is the Presa Canario. With the right socialization and training, they can be wonderful pets, but too many people don't know how to train them properly.

Dalmatians and Chow Chows actually tend to be two of the "worst" breeds to train. However, like with anything in life, individual personalities come into play. Some dogs, no matter WHAT the breed, are just naturally more aggressive.

Heather Cherry said...

Agreed on all counts, Whitney. So many AmBulls can look strikingly like pit bulls IMHO. Thanks for taking the test!

obladi oblada said...

Duh, Im such an idiot, I didnt realize I didnt post my guess is #7.

Jeff said...

I'm guessing: All of the above, in varying degrees of authentic pit bullness.

Heather Cherry said...

Good guesses all. Getting ready to post the answers...

Anonymous said...

Nr. 21 ?

Anonymous said...

Either #7 Or there isn't a real pit bull anywhere.

Anonymous said...

#7 or there is no pit bull present.

Robert Tucker said...

im late also but im pretty sure it is either 7 17 and/or 21.!

khblanc said...

I'm probably way off because the definitions and standards have changed so much. me, the only dog who most closely resembles the "classic" Pit Bull Terrier Petey from Our Gang/The Little Rascals in the 1920's is --oddly-- #30.

Anonymous said...

4 or 7. Cute dogs, all of them.

lillian h said...

i think number 7

Ray said...

Honestly I do not see an American Pit bull terrier in any of these pictures. Are you sure you know what a pit bull looks like?