Monday, June 15, 2009

Informal Poll: Which collar should I get for Snuggles?

His current one is irritating his poor little skinsies. Which one of these should I get him to replace it?

This one, (the one on the bottom, with the 2 rows)?

This one?

Or this one?

And should I get him black or brown? I know he's black and white and black should "go" better but at the moment I'm leaning towards brown. It just looks nice on him, I think.

Here's a reminder of his adorability. Picture this cuteness in your head while you're deciding on your answers to the poll.

What a good-lookin' pooch.


obladi oblada said...

Im going with "C", the brown one. Did that help?

Shawn said...

This poll is a little too informal for my tastes. You've got your feet on the furniture, Obladi is drinking milk right from the carton and Snuggles is nude. I'll be back when some civility has been restored.

Jeff said...

Get several and let him pick out which one he wants each day. That way he will know that you respect his sovereignty.

Winky Twinky said...

I also like C in brown... aww Snuggles is not nude, he's got his collar on. He really is a cutie pie Pit!

Eric said...

Latigo in brown looks classic to me.

Margo said...

Brown, and number 2 (or B, that sounds better since we're talking dogs)

Heather Cherry said...

O/O: Thanks and yup, it helped.

Shawn: Okay, that was seriously hilarious. And actually, Snuggles is sitting around in his boxer shorts but that's just semantics.

Jeff: Ooh, good call. I think he'll like that idea.

W/T: Thanks!

Eric: Thanks for voting!

Margo: Yeah... ew.

Funnyrunner said...

Shoot am I too late? I like C in brown. Nice contrast, I think. It would be better to see them "in dog," though. Shawn your comment cracked me up.

Heather Cherry said...

Nope, not too late. I think I've decided to order C in brown, FYI. I really like it. It doesn't have too much of that macho "spiked" look to it but is still sharp.