Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Awesome Vintage Advertisements: Part I Dunno

New vintage ads for your enjoyment.

"What are the wild waves saying?"

They're saying, "Shells can't talk, dummy!"

I think I'd look surprised and all screamy if my nose disappeared, too!

I don't think I'd like to play "Uncle Wiggily" with this guy. Wait, lemme check... nope, don't wanna play.

I just love ads that use Hitler propaganda to make a point.

Pepsi will help you torture your cat with Christmas decor. Yay!

I want you to look at the sled kid's face and then just imagine with me: he ate bran flakes right before zipping up into that snowsuit.

"Ice Cream for Health"?! Now THIS is a campaign I can get behind. Somebody get me one o' those colorful rubber bracelets to wear. Get me 3 of 'em.


Eric said...

Hah! Beecham's Pills are just a step away from suggesting you will have aural hallucinations. Did I just go to a Britney concert or did I take a Beecham's?

moi said...

Looks like Uncle Wiggly was tippin' the ol' bottle a bit, don't it?

Shawn said...

LMAO @ sled kid's bran breakfast. Also, I've been trying for years to find a way to reduce my burdensome milk bill.

Rose said...

In fairness, the Hitler thing is pretty justified in that ad.

Lidian said...

Uncle Wiggly needs a few Beecham Pills - or something.

What wonderful ads! :)

Nan-Nan said...

AS IF you could actually get ANY kid in America to actually EAT BRAN for breakfast!?!?!?! Ahahaha, even now my sweet daughter, you would die if Count Chocula didn't meet you at the breakfast table every morning, Heather!

obladi oblada said...

Uncle Wiggily is pretty disturbing...his name alone is creepy.

I love to drink Coke, not Pepsi whilst engaging in cat torture, personally.

Hairball said...

I think I'll have some crushed up Beecham's pills with my Mil-ko and Pep Flakes. Yum!!

Heather Cherry said...

Eric: Maybe those pills are laced with a little something else?

Moi: He. Is creepy!

Shawn: You, too? Mebbe we should really check out that gallon of milk on Amazon?

Rose: You've got a point there.

Liddy: Thanks!

Mom: I'll have you know I ate Total and Special K this morning! Harrumph!

O/O: I prefer Peach Nehi for cat torture... or pretty much on any other occasion.

Hairball: Hey old friend! Where ya been?

Hairball said...

I haven't been online as much during my blogging break. I'm so behind on my blog reading! *sheepish grin*

Margo said...

that woman without the noes has her mouth open like that so she can breathe! This post cracked me up - all of them. Especially love the woman hanging her cat. Sick. And wrong.

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