Sunday, June 21, 2009

Did you get it right?


Which one is the pit bull?


None of these dogs is a pit bull.

That’s right! None of them!
Did you pass the test?

Here are the answers in case you didn’t:

1. Cane Corso

2. American Bull Molosser

3. Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog

4. Dogo Argentino

5. Boxer

6. Bull Terrier

7. American Bulldog

8. Old English Mastiff

9. Great Dane

10. American Bully

11. Fila Brasileiro

12. Boxer

13. American Bandogge Mastiff

14. Presa Canario

15. Dogue De Bordeaux (French Mastiff)

16. Boerboel

17. American Bulldog

18. Japanese Tosa

19. Black Mouth Cur

20. Neapolitan Mastiff

21. Banter Bulldog

22. Cão Fila De São Miguel

23. Thai Ridgeback

24. Alano Español

25. Bullmastiff

26. Bull Terrier

27. Patterdale Terrier

28. Rhodesian Ridgeback

29. Ca De Bou

30. American Bulldog

31. Olde English Bulldogge

32. Canis Panther

33. Valley Bulldog

34. American Bully

35. Catahoula Bulldog

36. Cão Dos Mourey

37. Cane Corso

Are you surprised?

For many people a “pit bull” is any large dog with a block-like head, prominent jaws and muscular physique. Others may associate the breed with cropped ears, brindle coat coloring or the proverbial patch over one eye. As you can see, there are so many dogs that fit these characteristics.

Is it any surprise then that so many aggressive dogs are misidentified as “pit bulls”? It is more common than most people are aware of for a news organization to run a “pit bull” attack story, only to find out later that it was not a “pit bull” involved at all, but some other breed altogether. Story retractions are rare so the public is none the wiser. We continue to believe that pit bull attacks are numerous, which further fuels our fear of the breed.

So now the question arises... after having taken this picture test would you now trust yourself to correctly identify a “pit bull”? Small dogs, big dogs, mutts, Rottweilers, even Labrador Retrievers have mistakenly been described as “pit bulls” by witnesses to dog attacks.

Well, okay then...
Just what does a pit bull look like?

Find out in my next post!

(Or just click here.)

Until then, gaze upon the cutest pibble there ever was: Snuggles.

Fun fact: My 50-pound pit bull has actually been mistaken for a Jack Russell Terrier. He's also been mistaken for a Boxer, a Dalmation, a Bull Terrier, (like Spuds McKenzie and the "Target Dog") and a cow.


Eric said...

Awww man... a trick test.
It was fun anyway trying to guess.
I was around a pit bull named Gunnar for half a year and he was a very sweet (and sometimes jealous around his owner girl) dog, lol.

obladi oblada said...

Yeah, that was cool. #7 is the only one that looked like one to me. The pit bulls that I have known personally have all been very sweet lovable dogs. I was a rottweiler owner for years and I always heard bad things about the breed, that were just not true. There are dogs with issues from every breed, but the media gets ahold of it, and blows it all out of shape. So, good for you for doing this post!

Funnyrunner said...

dang! A trick question! I could have sworn #7 was a pit bull. lol. I have no pit bull bias, myself. Rest assured. The attitude of the dog has everything to do with its owners!

Jeff said...

Oh, man. I guessed all of the above, but my second choice was the exact list you posted. Really....

Heather Cherry said...

Eric: They are the BEST dogs!

O/O: #7 looks so close to me, too. Rotties are AWESOME, too!

Runner: Thanks for saying so. You are more educated than a lot of folks.

Jeff: HAHAHAHA. Sure it was!

Pr. Dan Sabău said...

Nice test, Anyway I didn't passed it as I thought nr. 7 is a pitbull.
Shame on me. ;)
I breed American Bulldogs and I can't imagine by which standard is that considered to be one. As I see from the picture he has way to little white and none on the head.
I am so curious what is that dog's name and from which lines is he.

Pr. Dan Sabău said...

Oh, and I know for sure that there is not such thing as blue ambull.
Anyway, nice job, you gave me a nice idea for a poster I'm working at.

Heather Cherry said...

Pr. Dan: I was shocked that he was an AmBull at first, too. The rednosed coloring, the cropped ears, the facial structure...

But I found the picture on a breeder's site where they called him a rare "red/blue", whatever that means. Now that I've tried to find the site again, I can't! Figures. However, here's a link to a YouTube AmBull star who is rednosed with cropped ears and the owner swears up and down he's an AmBull and not a pittie. See what you think:

Whatever Redbull is, he's adorable!

Pr. Dan Sabău said...

You're right! If you ask me all dogs are adorable.
Anyway, I know many people want to avoid the bad fame of owning a pitbull, so they try hard to say and to believe they own somthing else. But I have 2 problems with that: 1st - there is nothing wrong with pitbulls as a breed; 2nd - they should fight against BSL and bad fame.
Any American Bulldog standard states they should have at least 20% white and the head without white is considered to give away terrier blood.
I'm trying to find the lines behind those rednose dogs because I track the changes in the breed.
Your test is a good manifest agaist BSL.

Gattsu said...

#7 is for sure no AB. Maybe not pure breed pit, but sure looks like the standards of a APBT.

Nice quiz though!

Anonymous said...

no #7 is a mix breed cause i have the same exact dog and my dad owns the parents the mom was ab and the dad was red nose pit

levi said...

no #7 is a bully pit a mix between ab and apbt i have the same kind of dog. my dad owns the parents the dad is red nose american pit the mom is american bulldog

Aelwyn said...

Thanks for posting this. I picked 26, knowing it was a Bull Terrier (and man, what a cutie!).

I found you via my sister's partner's group on FB: (it's a response to that claims all pitbulls do is bite).

Snuggles is ADORABLE!!!! Does his ear ALWAYS stick out? CUTE!

Karen said...

You got me!! I thought #7 was surely a cutie-pie pit. Terrific quiz, very informative and fun.